March 22, 2017


“Our vision is to become a cutting-edge professionally managed International Business; to deliver outstanding client services; become trusted and caring partners in progress;

Provide fulfilling careers and professional satisfaction for our people; and achieve financial success to reward ourselves and growth.

Clients are the most important assets for sourcing companies and we value our clients.

We, MakeInIndia as business partner take care of each process in the supply chain which are further customized to suit buyer’s requirements; various services we provide can be classified into following heads;

  • Design & Development
  • Sourcing
  • Merchandising
  • Quality Assurance
  • Standard Inspection File (SIF)
  • Logistics

Design & Development:

We have an in house product development team which works in close contact with clients on all their new projects. Our PD team handles all new developments sent by the clients. Our team works as an interface between client and supplier they coordinate sampling and keep client posted on the progress. We also have tie-ups with a couple of high-end freelance designers for clients who are looking to out-source designs.


Products are sourced as per client requirements. Our PD team  sends new designs and ideas to clients on a regular basis. Our vendor matrix is deep and wide and our policy is to source directly from the manufacturer who is the best fit for the customer. With our past experience with several suppliers makes it easy for us to source right product at right price.


It is the primary interface between client and the supplier, team comprises of a merchant and an assistant. Merchandising team takes care of each and every detail of the sourcing process starting from buying needs to dispatch of cargo. All our merchants are technically qualified and experienced.

Quality Control:

It should have been put on the top of our service portfolio as this is where we lay maximum emphasis. Through experience we have noticed what client expects from us most is a good quality control process. As a result, we have developed a system which controls quality automatically we call it Standard Inspection File (SIF). Process is implemented by different departments at different stages however QC team plays an important role towards its success. Each client has a dedicated client cell comprising of MR/AMR/QC as the core, MR/AMR are client interface and QC is the supplier interface. It is the job of the MR/AMR to understand client specifications and further train our outstation QC’s and suppliers. We have a QC team in Panipat office to keep a constant check on production process.

Standard Inspection File:

Master file which QC uses for inspection purpose it contains following;

  •  Inspection Information Check-list
  •  Product Quote Sheet
  •  PO Copy
  •  Product Picture
  •  Approval Sample Review Form (ASRF)
  •  Production Sample Review Form (PSRF)
  •  Labeling Approval Form (LAF)
  •  Packaging Approval Form (PAF)
  •  Test Report
  •  Carton Markings
  •  Documentation Check-list

SIF is used as a bible by our client cell; it contains all information required by them to follow-up on order and conduct inspections. Most of the production orders are subjected to three inspections Inline/Midline and Final. SIF process is connected to the inspection process. PO copy, Quote Sheet and ASRF are the first documents that go into the file. ASRF is prepared when an item is approved and production go-ahead is given. It is the most important document and looks at the product from customer’s point of view identifying all grey areas, at this time sample is signed and given to factory along with signed ASRF. During Inline inspection PSRF is prepared QC inspects the product and looks at all points mentioned in ASRF any variations detected are either rectified or reported to client.

Midline is conducted when 15-20% merchandise is in-house, at this time LAF and PAF are prepared to close labeling and packaging. LAF has all labeling instructions and prototypes attached it is sent to buyer for approval. PAF has packaging specification and dummy packaging picture it is sent to client for approval as well. Our effort is to have these closed at least 30 days before the final inspection.

Final inspection is conducted once goods are ready to ship, however it is the easiest part of the job once above processes are performed diligently.


Shipping department coordinates with client imports, consolidators and suppliers on cargo movement and documentation. Regular contact with consolidator ensures that cargo and documents are moving on time and unnecessary delays and costs are avoided. Client is updated on weekly basis about their cargo status. In addition shipping department trains suppliers on all logistic matters.